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Although English is mandatory in the Mexican education system, only 4% of the population speaks it. Acquiring English will make students more competitive and increase their likelihood of earning a better income and having a better standard of living.

Teach for Mexico has been filling the English language instruction gap by inserting Professionals of Teach for Mexico (PEMs) in classrooms where there is a need for teachers with strong English skills. Currently 90 PEMs teach English, serving 5,500 students. However, PEMs face many challenges, as they are often the sole English teacher, tasked with teaching anywhere between 100 and 600 students. The alliance with Volunteers Mexico allows these students to receive focused quality English instruction by increasing the number of English language instructors in the classroom.

This alliance will provide:

  • Opportunities to increase students’ English language skills
  • Individualized tutoring classes
  • Effective training for volunteers used in the 37 participating countries of Teach For All
  • A PEM who will support the volunteer
  • A coach who will support volunteers
  • Safe accommodations for volunteers


Mexican Students:

  • Improve their English language skills and their self-esteem
  • Become more culturally proficient by working with a native English speaker volunteer


  • To contribute substantially to improving the English skills of their students.
  • Professionally, they will develop effective teaching skills, a thorough knowledge of the Mexican culture and education system, and improve their Spanish.
  • They will also have first-hand experience with global educational inequity that could support future endeavors.
  • On a personal level, volunteers will develop social skills by living and working with people from another culture and another language. Volunteers will increase their cultural proficiency, gain personal insight, and learn how to react to situations out of their comfort zone.

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Volunteers Mexico is looking for young leaders who want to have a rewarding experience that will support Mexican children to acquire the English language skills that will make them more competitive. These young leaders are curious about the Mexican culture, its people, and are eager to collaborate with Teach for Mexico.

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