Program Details

Volunteers Mexico recruits and selects volunteers to improve the English skills of
students supported by Teach for Mexico teachers.


  • Spring Semester
  • Spring Break – One Week
  • Spring Semester + Summer A
  • Summer A (June)
  • Summer B (July)
  • Fall Semester
  • School Year

What we Offer

  • Housing
  • Training
  • Food during trainings
  • Technical coaching
  • Local transportation to volunteer site
  • Medical insurance
  • Costs do not include: airfare or food at the volunteer site


  • Spring Semester: $3,000
  • Spring Break – One Week: $800
  • Spring Semester + Summer A: $3,500
  • Summer Semester A: $1,500
  • Summer Semester B: $1,500
  • Fall Semester: $3,000
  • School Year: $5,000

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Who are we Looking For?

Volunteers Mexico is looking for young leaders who want to have a significant and rewarding experience that will support Mexican children and youth to acquire the English language skills that will make them more competitive, either during their week of spring break, summer, a semester or a school year.


  • College student or college graduate
  • Concerned about social justice
  • Excellent at teamwork
  • A leader in their community or school
  • Previous volunteer work experience
  • Native language proficiency in English
  • 2 letters of recommendation and an interview via Skype.